MS-GWaves MINT Girls' Camp

In cooperation with the MINT-EC association MS-GWaves provided for 10 girls the opportunity to learn abour research on gravity waves.

Besides learning basics about atmospheric sciences – with focus on gravity waves, and basics on python, they had a comprehensive program. They launched radiosondes (where even the NDR television made a contribution) and made an evaluation afterwards where they gained more insight into the structure of the atmospere. A DLR School lab on flight campaigns took place, again with data evaluations afterwards.  The girls have visited the local lidar and radar and rocket laboratories at IAP, furthermore a research plane and the German Space Operation Center at DLR. Presentations were shown where the girls gained an insight on the daily work from the female colleagues, Role model discussions took place, e.g. with Prof. Stolle, the Chief of IAP, group leaders Dr. Hella Garny and Dr. Nathalie Kaifler from DLR, and more female colleagues from IAP and DLR. The girls learned about the careersteps of the female scientists, how they experienced the reconcilability of family and career, and in general a career as a woman in natural sciences. All in all, students have been highly motivated for our research topic and were brought one important step further to studying natural sciences.