Young Scientists

Within the Research Unit the young scientists collaborate with leading scientists, publish their research in international journals and present it on international conferences. This way the Research Unit offers them a good opportunity to establish themselves in the scientific community and build useful networks.

Furthermore the PhD students are promoted by an enhanced supervising within the individual projects. They also enroll in local graduate school programs to strenghten their soft skills, as well in explicitly organised training courses of the RU.

Network-building among young researchers in the research unit are fostered further by two two-day special young-scientist meetings. Each of these was organized at one of the participating institutions, where they have been informed about research activities there, in guided tours and lectures.


  • The first meeting took  place from September 7th to 8th 2015 in Oberpfaffenhofen.
  • The second meeting took  place from September 26th to 28th in Frankfurt.
  • A third meeting took place from May 9th to 10th in K├╝hlungsborn. A course on scientific writing will be conducted within this meeting.