Equal Opportunitiy Activities

Within the Equal Opportunity funding various measures have been performed:

  • Role models: Two successful international female scientists have been invited to each workshop to give besides a scientific keynote presentation a talk about their research and describable crucial steps in their career. An exchange with the ECS has taken place on milestones in their career, especially from the female point of view, and on reconcilability of family and working life. In the frame of the 2nd YSM Bodo Ahrens (GU-F) has led a gender/career discussion, talking about his experiences with balancing family and scientific career.
  • Gender and diversity awareness training have been performed with the PIs and the ECS
  • Trainings on speaking practice, presentation and self esteem have been performed
  • Mentoring Stays: Several international mentoring stays have been funded where female ECS visited successful international female scientists, building a mentoring relation and establishing a network.
  • Family support has been provided for ECS parents.
  • MINT-EC Girls' Camp: To motivate female pupils for a study of natural sciences, a one week Girls’ Camp has been carried out with cooperation of the MINT EC Association. Ten Upper School Girls have been invited to the partner institutions IAP Kühlungsborn and DLR Oberpfaffenhofen. More about the Camp
  • Comic book on role models: The closely related DFG funded Transregio Waves To Weather organised several stories about the career steps and balance of family and work of succesful female and male scientists within two comic books: https://www.wavestoweather.de/equal_opportunity/activities/comic-book/ MS-GWaves scientists gave interviews as well. MS-GWaves we supported the distribution to schools and institutes.